Why study for a Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam?

These examinations are known all over the world and are recognised by universities, employers and national education authorities in many countries. It is an internationally recognised certificate showing the level a student has attained in the English language.

What do the examinations assess?

The examinations assess the ability to communicate effectively in English in realistic, situations and cover all the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Who should apply?

Anyone who wishes to hold a formal qualification in English provided by Cambridge English or anyone who wishes to improve their English for either employment or academic studies in Malaysia or overseas.

My English is very poor. Do I have to prepare?

Yes! Important examinations such as the Cambridge English examinations need adequate preparation time. In Erican, students enrolled in the Children English programme can prepare for the Young Learners examinations and students enrolled in the Erican Cambridge English or the Erican Express English programme can prepare for any of the 5 levels of the Cambridge Main Suite EFL examinations.

What about working adults?

The Cambridge Business Development team has approved the use of Erican Business English using the Business Explorer syllabus for preparation for the Business English Preliminary (Level 1) and Vantage Certificates (Level 2)

When are the examinations held?

With the exception of Young Learners (Starters, Movers and Flyers, all Cambridge English examinations take place 2 – 4 times a year on fixed dates. The dates are announced by Erican Language Centre each year. A Registration period is set and advertised at the centres prior to the examination dates.

Where can I sit for the exams?

All examinations can only be taken at authorised Cambridge English examination centres.

How will I be examined? How are the exams conducted?

For all the examinations, an authorised and trained oral examiner will conduct the speaking test. All the other tests will be sent to Cambridge for marking by UCLES examiners.

Do I have to pay an examination fee?

Yes. The fees are published annually. Details of the fees (which are subject to annual review) will be advised in August. The fees cover the administration of the examination. The costs vary within a country from region to region, because premises may be more expensive in large/capital cities like Kuala Lumpur than in a town.

Does Erican only offer the Cambridge Examinations to its students?

No. Any person may register for any of these Exams with Erican. All you need to do is contact one of our local centres for details on how you can register. Being a student with Erican is not a criteria for taking any of these exams.

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