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One of the most popular and romanticized languages for language enthusiasts world wide is the Japanese language. When one thinks of Japan, it could be a myriad of thoughts- from placid gardens with lovely sakura (cherry) tree blossoms, to ancient buildings filled with relics of the era of the brave samurai, to the bustling lively shopping district of Ginza.

Whatever their interest in this old and unique culture, many people have chosen Erican’s General Japanese Course to learn this exotic language. This is likely for its comprehensive syllabus, which is very suitable for people wanting to learn Japanese. Students will learn the common and polite forms of Japanese as well as the three writing systems – hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Our lessons focuses on all areas of Japanese communication – reading, writing, speaking and listening – and involve the students in participative activities, ensuring they don’t just read and write Japanese but hear and speak it too.

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Language learning can be a real chore and a very daunting one at that. At Erican, we remove the stress and pressure of language learning by making sure our classes are run naturally, interactively and in the liveliest manner.
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