Support & Care

Our International Office is dedicated to assisting our international students with any concerns and issues from the initial admission application and throughout the entire duration of their stay in Malaysia.

Student Visa

We are well-versed with the visa application process and obtaining the proper documentation for our international students to study with us in Malaysia.

Housing & Accommodation

We have hostels available as well as recommendations of external acccommodation. We will ensure that you find a comfortable place that you can consider your home away from home.

Airport Pick-Up

We provide pickup services for students arriving from an incoming flight to Kuala Lumpur.

New Student Orientation

Our orientation helps you familiarize yourself with your new environment and provides you with information and guidelines so that you can navigate your stay with us with comfortable ease.

Study Trips

Our programme is designed to be fun, exciting and educational. Enjoy regular study trips to popular local attractions in Malaysia.

Bank Account

We are ready to assist in opening Malaysian bank accounts for students who are in need of this convenience.

Study Kit

You will be equipped with a study kit when you begin your studies with us. The kit includes an Erican t-shirt, notepad and a backpack.

University Placement Services

We offer special counselling sessions for students who aspire to join institutions of higher learning here in Malaysia, or anywhere in the world.

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Language learning can be a real chore and a very daunting one at that. At Erican, we remove the stress and pressure of language learning by making sure our classes are run naturally, interactively and in the liveliest manner.
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