Registration and Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Course fees paid are not refundable or transferable.
2. Course fees paid cannot be carried forward.
3. Fees are payable on the first day of the new term. Failure to do so will result in students being suspended from classes and/or the holding of student Progress Report until payment has been received in full.
4. Students not completing a course will not entitle to a refund.
5. Students or guardians are required to sign these Rules and Regulations and the Erican Student Agreement.
6. Students understand that if they fail to maintain a satisfactory attendance record (80%), are habitually late to class or fail to observe the terms and conditions of the Erican Student Agreement they can be expelled from the class.
7. Students are encouraged to purchase Personal Accident Insurance; however it is optional for those who already have insurance policies. For further details kindly inquire at the front desk.
8. Students are expected to follow the classroom rules and regulations and to treat their teachers and fellow students with politeness and respect.
9. All students who change levels after classes have been assigned will need to pay a further material fee.
10. Students applying for a visa should take note that the student visa application will be for a 6-month period. However, the centre cannot be liable should Immigration only approve the application for a 3-month period.

1. Once the course has commenced any emergency leave granted will be a maximum of one week in length.
2. If a student is absent without notifying the management, his/her student visa will be terminated immediately and management will report the matter to the police.
3. Management reserves the right to terminate the visa immediately if fees are not paid in full when they fall due.