I came to Malaysia to study English and Erican was my choice because of its standards in providing quality education. The teachers in Erican are very experienced and supportive. They always ensure I understand a lesson fully before moving on to the next lesson. As you may know, teachers play an important role in the classroom as they provide us the knowledge and skills necessary for life. For that I am thankful indeed to Erican for providing me with good and quality education.

Khalid Abdlrhman Ibrahim, 21, from Sudan

In Erican , you find that the relationship between students, lecturers and staff is friendly and warm. We get along very well. Because Erican is an international centre, you will find many foreign students here. At first, it was very difficult for me because of the differences. But after getting to know the students, it became easier for me. Multicultural exchanges happen here! We learn more about each other’s cultures.  Erican provides great accommodation and facilities for the students. It also gave me an opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. You can learn many things at Erican with the friends and lecturers who assist you. 

Waled Ahmad Ali Hamaki, 26, from Yemen

I strongly believe that Erican has given me a fantastic learning experience. The abundance of international students from different cultures means that there is a lot of experience to obtain. The surrounding is comfortable and easy to settle into. The lecturers are very understanding and conduct lectures in a very professional manner. In short, Erican has inspired me to continuously improve myself to be better and achieve my goals.

Daran Prasitvanich, 24, from Bangkok, Thailand

The reason I chose Erican was because I found it had the best path for international students to acquire and master English language. This was the best decision I have ever made. This is a place where people of different nationalities meet together to share one common goal, education. Not only is it a place for education but it also gave me the chance to meet new friends, experience a new culture and discover more about yourself. I left the college with skills that are important in today’s world.

Abdul Hafiz, 28, from Bangkok, Thailand

I like Erican much as it has helped me obtain a better education and showcase my skills. Not only are the students friendly but also are the staffs. I had the best teachers who would answer all my questions and guide me patiently throughout the foundation program. I will always remember them for the wonderful work do every day educating the students, I would most certainly recommend Erican to other students because it helps you realise your goals and leaves you certain that they can actually be achieved!

Asiyeh, 33, from Iran

I love studying in Erican because I find it as the best language school in Malaysia. I noticed the lecturers were nice and friendly, and surprisingly I could make jokes with them. The staffs are also friendly and approachable. The learning environment, although outwardly more relaxed, was highly focussed and engaging which provided solid preparation for the years at university to follow. This has helped me adapt quickly to life in Malaysia. The campus is beautiful, so I have a perfect studying environment. The life here is well-balanced with social activities and academic excellence. 

Lattaphon Wonganan, 15, from Thailand

I feel Erican is a great place to learn. The lecturers are friendly and motivating. My classmates are from various cultural backgrounds, I have made a lot of good friends in the campus and the list just goes on. Acquiring and mastering English is essential and the working environment required people who are capable to communicate and converse effectively in English. I have not mastered the English Language yet but I am sure I am one step closer.

Kavina Wangsan, 19, from Thailand

I am a student of Erican and I am saying it to show I have pride in saying it. At first I was anxious as it was a different environment. As the days passed by I became familiar with the people around me. Apart from that, what I liked most about Erican is the educational system and the multicultural diversity of people. I have made friends here and I recommend all those who look forward to studying in a good multicultural educational environment to come to Erican.

Yousef Salleh AL-Junaidi, 20, from Yemen

I truly believe Erican is a place to be if you are looking to master English Language. I have even heard about Erican from my friends who were here before and I am very happy that I made decision to choose Erican. I met loads of foreign people and I improved my English and especially my ability to communicate with the other students. I like the teachers and the staff. They are very helpful and kind to me. I really love it here. Erican has amazing places to visit and to have fun with your friends and of course night life in Kuala Lumpur is unbelievable!

Anadha Diloksri, 15, from Thailand

I enjoy studying in Erican. The campus is well-equipped. All of the lecturers are kind, helpful, warm, and ready to support you all the time. The knowledge I gained here will enable me to get a job, and I strongly believe that the knowledge and experiences received from studying at Erican will prepare me well to communicate effectively with others. The best thing about Erican is that it encourages independent and interactive learning. During lectures and tutorials, students are constantly encouraged to voice their opinions. Such sharing activities constantly lead to the discovery of fresh new ideas. Lessons become more interesting and students acquire new knowledge not found in textbooks. Having the opportunity to speak up in class also gave me the chance to build self-confidence, especially in public speaking. Learning to listen to my peers taught me to be more tolerant and open to different ideas and to understand the importance of considering matters from various perspectives.

Hargeen Sri-amd, 18, from Songkhla, Thailand

Learning is always enjoyable as the approachable and experienced teachers never failed to interest me with their knowledge about English. Studying at Erican has given me the chance to meet people from lots of different countries. I really enjoyed the classroom environment. There was lots of conversation and opportunities to share opinions. Part of what I love about studying in Erican is the privilege of using all kinds of facilities and resources available in course studied. The time which I spend using these facilities has enhanced my learning experience by providing an in-depth understanding of various language learning skills explained in lectures. I believe that this learning experience at such a profound facility, along with the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my course, will enhance my chances in securing a job in the future.

Suhaib Abdullah N Alsiyami, 24, from Saudi Arabia

Coming to Malaysia to study was probably the most difficult thing to do because I assumed it would to very difficult for me to adapt. The first few days were quite tough as I was still getting used to the surroundings. I got an opportunity to interact with people from many different disciplines from all over the world, which I find both interesting and inspiring.  I strongly believe that education is the key in starting you career. In this era of globalisation, it is necessary to have sufficient English language to converse effectively. I feel that English in the most wide spoken language around the world. Therefore, I am happy I chose to learn English over than any other foreign language.

Reo Nakamura, 17, from Japan