Course Objectives & Outcomes

The best time to learn a new language is before adolescence. At this time, children’s minds are like sponges, so they can learn at a faster rate. With this in mind, Erican has designed a course to help children to widen their knowledge, polish their language skills, and gain encouragement to master English.

This course is designed for students between 7 and 12 years old. Erican Young Learners is aimed at helping students to acquire the four essential skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The course syllabus is based on the exciting and new “Young Learners Go!” series. As the exclusive trainer for this series in Malaysia, the Erican Young Learners programme provides a solid foundation for young English learners by directing their attention to grammatical and phonetic conventions. Colourful storybooks and interactive games are incorporated into the classroom teaching to make learning fun and effective. And all four levels prepare the students for the University of Cambridge Young Learners Exams – with text material which completely parallels the material found in the exams.



Students of Erican Young Learners will also learn via the Erican Daily Dose. Daily Dose is a set of specially made activity books aimed at improving students’ grammar and vocabulary knowledge through self study at home. Students are required to complete small sets of assignments each day, six days a week. Following exciting storylines, which are written according to the needs of each level, students will be fully immersed in a creative learning environment.

The three storylines are:

Miya the Catgirl

Two friends, Ken and Rafidah, rescue a cat from a river. Later, they meet a strange girl who calls herself Miya. Miya acts very strange. Who is she and what does she want?

Malaysian Nightmare

Four students were on a school camping trip in Fraser’s Hill. One morning, while they were trekking in the jungle, they got lost in a strange, terrifying dream world. Will our heroes ever escape? And who is this strange girl who is changing their world around on them?


It is late 22nd Century and Earth has been ruined by war and pollution. In a universe short of heroes, one man stands as a living legend. Captain Black Crow. Two children, Ahmed and Mei Ling dream of meeting Black Crow. When they finally do, they end up being chased across the universe by Intergalactic criminals. Their only hope? Captain Black Crow and his ship, Beowolf.

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Language learning can be a real chore and a very daunting one at that. At Erican, we remove the stress and pressure of language learning by making sure our classes are run naturally, interactively and in the liveliest manner.
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